Government Relations

Rely on expertise in local, state and federal politics as Zia Strategies, LLC works with you to advocate actions that will make government work for you.

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Policy Analysis

Gain knowledge and understanding about complex policy issues and create briefs to establish the policy environment necessary for your industry to flourish.

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Since 1993

Our Philosophy

Zia Strategies, LLC offers innovative government relations representation that is rooted in a deep understanding of policies that affect the day-to-day operations of your industry.

Successful government relations work requires a strong relationship between Zia Strategies, LLC and its clients.  We believe this relationship is based on three foundational understandings:

  1. Honest Communication. Integrity is integral to our work and we commit to talking honestly, boldly, and professionally with clients, partners, and policy makers.
  2. Mutual Trust.  When we communicate honestly, we foster trust from our clients.  Policy makers, in turn, trust our positions, our research, and our goals.
  3. Critical Friendship. We treat our clients as more than business partners, they become a part of our lives who we grow with and learn from.  A friendship is formed and we can critically think with one another about how to best further your organization's interests.

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